Zero-Waste Event Planning

Getting your event to zero-waste

The best environmental programs take lots of planning and preparation in advance of the event itself. We love to come on board early in the event-planning process and take care of all the environmental details, including the logistics and communication materials. This can include facilitating the purchase of compostable food ware, planning activations that engage your audience, or crafting social media messages to publish during the event. We will always customize our program to suit the needs of your event and budget.

Our premier service includes providing a team of trained Environmental Educators to accompany our recycling stations and coach your attendees on which waste stream their item belongs in. These volunteers are friendly, engaging and knowledgeable, taking all of the ‘guess work’ out of recycling and composting.

At the end of your event, we centralize all of the waste and weigh each stream to provide measurable benchmarks for waste diversion. You can also receive a customized report with recommendations and lessons learned to assist with meeting your environmental goals in the following year.

Mobile Water Stations

Book an H2O Buggy for your event!

In an effort to reduce or eliminate bottled water at events and in accordance with our belief that drinking water should be free, clean and accessible for the public, DIG has offered our H2O Buggies to events and festivals for the past two years. We have three different types of mobile water units; the Senior H2O Buggy, the Junior H2O Buggy, and the H2O Spigot.
These have become increasingly popular at events and provide one of the easiest ways to reduce waste. The City of Calgary has been a great supporter of this initiative by providing funding for a number of public events to cover the rental costs of one of our units, ensuring that they can provide drinking water to their attendees.

H2O Buggies also have available space to advertise event sponsors too.

Our H2O Buggies are AHS-approved and are regularly inspected to ensure that they meet AHS guidelines.

Green Transportation

Encourage People-Powered transport with a Bicycle Valet

Encouraging sustainable transportation to your events is not just good for the environment, it also frees up parking spaces, helps you attract different demographics and helps to engage your audience in a new and unique way. DIG can facilitate this through social media support and by setting up a Bicycle Valet service where people can check their bikes in and out like a coat check system. People of all ages love this program but young families especially appreciate it, especially because they can leave their strollers, bicycle trailers, helmets and backpacks in a secured and monitored area.

Mobile Power

Power your events with Green Energy!

DIG is proud to be introducing to Alberta, a simple, silent and energy efficient power solution for all your electricity needs including lights, sound systems and much more. Our new Portable Electric rechargable battery power units range from 2 kWh to 55 kWh. They save you money and work just like a generator but without the noise and pollution commonly associated with diesel generators. Best of all, it looks great and provides power where you need it, without laying down miles of electrical wires, extension chords and mats.

Equipment Rentals

Rent our waste stations for your next event

Do you want to recycle and compost at your event but you just don’t have the time or budget to plan a robust program? That’s ok. We will drop off, set up and pick up equipment that is perfect for your indoor or outdoor event. We will even pick up all your waste and dispose of it for you ensuring all the recycling and compost get to the right place.

Waste Audits & Educational Programs

Start making your organisation more sustainable today!

A waste audit can be a great way to start the process to becoming a ‘greener’ organization. This is a relatively simple and inexpensive process that involves taking sample bags of waste and sorting them to figure out how much could have been diverted from the landfill. It sets a benchmark to compare future progress against and exposes problem areas to resolve.

After completing the audit and making recommendations, we can help develop the systems required and broker other service suppliers such as haulers and custodial staff.

Environmental programs need an educational component as well and we can provide visually pleasing instructional materials, deliver presentations, or conduct workshops at any stage of the journey. Our staff have experience working with kids and adults to help them learn more about environmental issues and processes. We also organize interactive activations at many of our events that encourage people to demonstrate how they can contribute to a healthier and greener community.